Hello everyone

In today’s issue:

·         AGM Notice.

·         Part-time Bridge Operator

·         Tsunami Siren Test.

·         2016/17 Sailing Programme.

·         Meal Booking  - 16 Sep 16

·         Menu – 9 Sep 16.


AGM Notice       An early heads up for you.  The club’s AGM will be held Wednesday, 28 Sep 16, at Kissing Point clubrooms, starting at 1930hrs.  There are some interesting items to be presented this year along with a number of changes to the Executive Committee. You are encouraged to attend to have your say. No one will be put on the spot for a committee job unless they have agreed beforehand.

Papers will be sent to you early next week.


Part-Time Bridge Operator          If you are retired and would be interested in helping operate ‘the bridge’  over the summer months please call Ross Butler 022 657 3859 /470 1921.  Interviews are being held now until 19 Sep 16. Once a selection is made there will be approximately one month’s training before taking your place in the team about mid-October.


Tsunami Siren Test

This is to inform you that Northland CDEM Group in association with Northpower and Top Energy, will be testing the Northland Region Tsunami Siren Network on Sunday 25th September 2016 at 09.20hrs.


The sirens will be sounded at 09.20hrs for 10 minutes and again for 30 seconds at 10.00hrs. The lights will flash throughout the period of the test from 09.20hrs to 30 seconds past 10.00hrs.


There will be volunteers monitoring each siren to ensure it performs as required and reporting back to their district Emergency Management Officer on the results. Any faults will be addressed by Northpower or Top Energy depending on the location.


A large media campaign has been undertaken and a number of agencies along with the general public have been informed.


2016/17 Sailing Programme                        The 2016/17 Sailing programme is attached. You will note there are a number of different sailing activities from previous years along with old favourites. 

Please note, this is a live document and there may well be changes throughout the period.


Meal Booking – Friday, 16 Sep 16             Tomorrow week, Friday 16 Sep 16 we are in for a special treat.  Sue will be preparing another of her fabulous buffet meals.  The occasion is the AGM of the Whangarei Volunteer Coastguard who will join us after their meeting to be held upstairs. It promises

to be a good night.

However, it is essential that you book a meal by calling either the office (438 9043) or Sue (021 027 55550) no later than 1700hrs, 15 Sep 16.


Menu – 9 Sep 16             

Soup of the day


Burgers, fries and salad

Roast chicken


A dessert of magnificent proportions.


The wisdom of some folks never ceases to amaze.

Paddy and Murphy are having a pint in the pub when some SCUBA  divers come on the TV.

Paddy says, “Murphy, why is it them deep sea divers always sit on the side of the boat with them air tanks on their backs and then fall backwards out of the boat?”

Murphy thinks for a minute then says,  “That’s easy, it’s cos if they fell forward they’d still be in the freakin boat!”


Enjoy the projected good weekend!


Merv Fair


Whangarei Cruising Club

30 6 16

Good evening everyone

                It looks as if winter might must about be here – the rainy season anyhow.

                For you this week:-

·         Trailer Yacht Results

·         Keeler racing this Sunday

·         Rules evening last night

·         Participants in the SSANZ – Shorthanded Sailing Association – 9th July

·         Humour

·         Buffet


Trailer Yacht Results


Race 5 report


NW 10kn

Course as per Race 4 but one lap less each division – course sheets provided to all entrants.


Greyhound Div

RUNVS and Miss Pataua competed -

Line: Miss P 1,  RUNVS 2 (sailed extra lap)

H/cap: Miss P 1, RUNVS 2


B Div

Line: Saluki 1, Blue Tango 2, Waihuka 3, Alto 4

H/cap: Blue Tango 1, Waihuka 2, Saluki 3, Alto 4.


After match sausage sizzle enjoyed by all but shortage of soft drinks will be rectified in future – apologies to those affected.


John Nutter, Trailer Yacht Convenor


Keeler racing this Sunday

                                The keelers will be out racing this Sunday, starting at Onerahi at 1100. There are some really close racing results within the fleet, so it will be interesting sailing.


Rules evening last night

                A big turnout for a discussion on certain rules, and sailing situations. The evening was run by Max Nelson, Alan Barker, (Womble) and Karl Fuller – big thanks to them for putting in the time beforehand, and on the night. Also it was great to see a lot of our 420 sailors present, and I hope that they were not intimidated by some of the more vocal older members. It is obvious that there is quite a lot of interpretation with racing rules, and you can learn a lot by discussing scenarios – real or imagined. Thanks to Alan Clarkson for explaining a few options also. We are going to carry on with discussion of rules and scenarios, and are considering how we will do this next. Watch this space.


Participants in the SSANZ – Shorthanded Sailing Association – 9th July

                Two Whangarei yachts – Thirsty Work from WCC with Sean Armstrong and Womble, and Zambucca , with Mile Sherwood are going to participate in the 2 handed – NZ Spars and Rigging 60 miler, sailing within the Inner Hauraki Gulf on July 9th. Good luck to them. The next two races in the series are the Evolution Sails 100 miler in August and the Baltic 50 miler in September.



                A friend was having a drink with a few fishing friends the other night when the waitress screamed…….”Anyone know CPR?”

                He said: “Hell, I know the whole alphabet.”

Everyone laughed …….. well everyone except one ol guy.



                This is a  delicious meal, and a shame to miss out. Sue has very kindly said that she will extend the bookings till 1000 Friday morning.


Have a great week


Joan Livingstone

Vice Commodore

Whangarei Cruising Club


23rd Oct 2014


Hi there folks

Well it looks like a good weekend coming up. Good luck to our boats who are in the Coastal Classic starting tomorrow morning from Auckland. I am not sure who is in the race, but Daniel Mann with R & B is, and Gary Corkin, with Wendi and Allie are also sailing. Not sure who else is sailing from here, but you can look on the internet and see where the boats are as I think they all have apps on their cell phones that give the live update.

·         Accounts being processed

·         Co-ordinator for model boats

·         Office hours

·         Open Day

·         Ladies Day

·         Humour

·         Menu


Accounts being processed

   This week we have been working on getting the subscriptions processed and posted. I have done them , in Merv’s absence, so if there are any errors, please let us know in the office and we will rectify things. I apologise in advance for errors that may have popped up.


Co-ordinator for model boats

   With the summer months coming up, and long evenings, we would like someone (or a small group)  to volunteer to get the model boats up and running in an evening, especially Friday nights. Womble has sorted them out and I think that they all work, so there could be some fun fleet racing, or match racing happening. But – we need somebody to look after them.


Office hours

   Merv is away sick, and he won’t be back in the office for at least another week, maybe longer. We are manning the office from 0930 – 1600. If you want anything outside those hours, leave a message on the answerphone, or slip a note under the door, or send us an email.


Open Day

   Open Day is coming up on November 8th, 1000 – 1500  and we need people to volunteer to have their boats alongside so that the people can look them over – a trailer yacht or 2, and a keeler would be great. As well, come on down, bring your friends and neighbours, and check us out.


Ladies Day

    Ladies Day is on the 9th November, and we need some kind hearted skippers to volunteer their boats to take some ladies out. Yachts and launches are both welcome to take part. This is a day where we invite ladies who would otherwise not go sailing, out for a nice day away from their caregiving, just to give them a break. It is NOT a race, but a social day out.



Confucius Say:-
OK to let a fool kiss you - But not OK to let a kiss fool you.

Confucius Say.
Better to lose a lover - Than love a loser.

Confucius Say.
Man with broken condom - Often called Daddy

Confucius Say.
Drunken man's words - Often sober man's thoughts.

Confucius Say.
Much better to want the mate you do not have - Than to have the mate you do not want.

Confucius Say.
Joke is just like sex - Neither any good if you don't get it.



   Another culinary delight

            Roast chicken and all the trimmings

            Weiner Schnitzel with salad and veges.


            Desserts remain a surprise.


Have a great weekend, enjoy the extra day off (for some of us) and get well soon  Merv.



Joan Livingstone

Vice Commodore

Whangarei Cruising Club Inc


24th July 2014


Hello there

Another week gone, and the days getting a little longer – roll on summer.


For you this week:-

·         Burnsco Safety and Flare Demo Guru Session

·         Alcohol Discussion

·         Club Direction Meeting Reminder

·         Wanted to Rent

·         IYS Corrosion X Special

·         Kotiro

·         Office not manned

·         Humour

·         Menu




Burnsco Safety and Flare Demo Guru Session

Just to alert you to the following



Ray Burge

Coastguard provides New Zealand’s primary maritime search and rescue service. It rescued 7,000 people last year .

Ray Burge, Operations Manager for Coastguard’s Northern Region, will tell you what you need to know to enjoy safe boating and give you the lowdown on the essential safety items you need to carry aboard.  An in-depth demonstration of  EPIRBS, PLBs and flares will be covered with the highlight being a live flare demonstration in the carpark. 

Don’t be another statistic!  Come along and learn how to enjoy your boating safely.


30th July,     Burnsco Whangarei, 1830 hours

Bring a friend


Alcohol Discussion

Alcohol and Club Member’s Responsibility

   I’m sure you are now all aware that as a consequence of recent law changes in respect to the sale and supply of alcohol, the rules are now being rigorously applied. 

   All applications for Special Liquor licences are now subject to scrutiny by three agencies including the NZ Police, and Medical Officer of Health. Approval is now required from a combined committee, rather than just the Whangarei District Council.

   As well as this, the policing of places that sell alcohol (including our Club) is becoming more direct and strict. Furthermore, the cost of compliance has, in general terms, trebled.

   Our bar is an important part of the social life of the Club and therefore your executive committee takes all necessary steps to ensure we don’t breach the provisions of our licence.

   It was concerning, then, to be advised by the Police that on the 29th June, 2014, (a keeler race day) at 2140 hours a 53 year old man caused a collision with his vehicle and was subsequently found to be over twice the legal blood/alcohol limit for driving.

   Of particular concern however was that this individual, when questioned by Police gave the Whangarei Cruising  Club as the last place he had consumed alcohol.

  The reaction of the authorities in cases like this is, without accusation, to discuss procedures for the control of liquor consumption, with the organisation concerned.


   THIS CLUB DOES NOT WANT the sort of attention outlined above, because despite there being no accusation or blame, somewhere there is a mark against our name.

   The rules are quite clear in respect of driving and drinking. For the Club’s part, Club managers will be keeping a much closer eye on our patrons.  For post-race day celebrations there will be three types of food  (sausages/bread, meat pies and pizza) available to participants at no extra charge.

   There is no excuse; the onus is on you to stay within the law and by doing so preserve the current good reputation of the Club. If you do not, you must accept that appropriate action will be taken.


   P.S. It would be nice if the person mentioned above could call in for a friendly chat!


Club Direction Meeting Reminder

   From the Vice Commodore

The Club – Where to In the Future

A reminder everyone. On Monday 28th July 2014, at 1930 hours at Kissing Point the very important  ‘Where to in the Future” meeting.


This is important as your thoughts and suggestions will influence the direction the Club takes in the future.

Please come and have your say.


Wanted to Rent -  This is urgent!!


   House or flat – for a family - Mum, Dad and 3 children.    Contact Sam 021 522 761


IYS Corrosion X Special

      WWC Special on applications

The new bridge has it. So does the Coast Guard, Northpower, NIWA, Oceanzblue,

N.E.S.T, Manaia view Farms, Rex Ford and many others. And you can have it, too!

July special for trailers, 4WD’s and boats. Stop the rust. Un seize winches, bearings

and bolts. Make electrics work. Non-toxic. Submergible. Spray on wet trailer.

Penetrates inside cavities and leaf springs. Safe on all rubber/neoprene. No de

rusting necessary. Protects trailer up to a year. Club special for Trailer in Parua Bay,

Kissing Point or at IYS for 120 NZD job done incl. GST

4WD’s , cars 380 NZD incl. GST. Boats and ships on request.

This special offer is valid until the 1st of August

Stop the rust! Save Money! Book now at IYS 09 438 88 00



   A possible new club member has bought “Kotiro’ and intends to refurbish it and sail in local waters.  The vessel is an older type with classic lines, but the new owner would like to find our more of its history.

   Can you help?

   If you know of the vessel, please give the office a call and we will pass on anything you have to the new owner. Thank you.


Office not manned.

   The Office will not be manned tomorrow (Friday) as a contingent of us are going to Auckland to attend the funeral of our Patron, Ron Faber, at the Devonport Naval Base.



   Did you hear about the two powerboaters that walked intuit the chandlery building?

   You’d think at least one of them would have seen it!!



                Roast Lamb

                Fish Alaska

                Chicken Curry


                Boysenberry Chocolate Log

Banana or Chocolate cake, with cream and ice cream.


Stay warm, good boating, see you next week.


Joan Livingstone

Rear Commodore

Whangarei Cruising Club