Message from new Commodore


Good day everyone.


I am honoured to introduce myself to you as your new Commodore.

My name is Paul Parsonage and my total passion is the sea.

I have a wife, two children, job and a Ross 930 yacht called ‘Start Me Up'.

My goal is for cohesive and positive management of our great club.

We have a new members to the committee and I’m sure you’ll welcome them with open arms.

I look forward to your support to meet the club goals.

See you out on the water.



Rules Knog & Natter

Last night as a theme of the Nog and Natter, we held an evening on rules, presented by Max, Alan and Karl.

The great turnout was much appreciated and we had people representing the Centre Boarders, Trailer Sailers and Keelers. I think it would be fair to descibe it as a 'spirited' event with many contributions from the audience and a good open session after the presentations, where many scenarios were run through in naturally forming groups.

Next year, the new rule book comes out so it is intended to have another Rules Evening and it is likely we will have a high calibre person from YNZ to run the event.

The take aways from the evening;

  If you have a reason to protest on the water, do so, fly your flag and give the other yacht the opportunity to do their turns and failing that, an arbitration can be held between the two parties and the arbitrator. Remember, the arbitrator will take an account of the representative from either yacht, no witness will be heard unless the protest is taken through the full protest process before a committee. The point is, make a protest or forget about the situation. We don't people antagonising each other with claims after the event.

  Rules change so please take the time to familiarise yourself with the latest rule book rules.

Wishing you all a great rest of winter's sailing and all you people thinking of giving it a go, go to either the Keeler or Trailer Sailer or Centre Boarder page of this website and contact us! You can also meet us at club Friday nights at the Kissing Point clubrooms where there are meals and the bar will be open.

Cheers Keeler Convener

Tutukaka Race

Thanks to MYC and the Sponsorship of All Marine, the race was another great day of racing to and back from Tutukaka. Go to the Keeler Page to see the results and some pictures.

Winter & Spring Series

The Norsand Winter Series is looming. Thanks to Calibre Sails for their years of sponsorship and thanks to Norsand Boatyard for becoming this years sponsor!

All you need to enter can be found on this website, Sailing Instructions, Entry Form, Courses and calender can all be viewed, downloaded and printed or you can pick up forms from the WCC office at Kissing Point.

In recent races, there has been some confusion over which channel markers to go around. Please make sure you have a copy of the up to date courses on board (on the Keeler page) or risk your hard work going to waste by being DSQ.

Race Fee can either be paid directly to WCC office or me,Karl (the Race Convenor) or like last year you can make a direct credit into the WCC bank. Details are on the Race Entry form found on Keeling page of this website. Please be sure to make it clear what yacht you are, when making the deposit.

It's been commented on, that after the Tuts race it became clear that there is a need to change the handicap of 2 or 3 yachts because they let slip what they are capable of ;-) More on that later.

Have a great Winters sailing and lets hope we have a range of conditions so all yachts get 'their day!'


OYC Fairway Bouy Race Results

OYC has published the results which can be seen and pics can be seen on the WCC Facebook page. Full results can be seen on the Keeler Page of this website.

6 yachts entered the light winded race and one did not finish. Despite light winds at times, the race finished in good time, most of it being on the wind and towards the end after about Ross Beacon, Gennakers and Spinnakers could be set.

Route 66 Race

Those entered are looking forward to the race which can be observed live online on Predict Wind Tracker. The local yachts I know are racing at this time are; Quantum Leap, Grunty Chicken, Delinquent, Swamp dog, Thirsty Work, which is a yacht Shaun Armstrong has just purchased. Congratulations Shaun, hope the delivery sail from Tauranga to Auckland went well.


Sail Rock Race Results

Results are in the Keeler page. Many pictures on Whangarei Cruising Club facebook page

13 yachts started the race under very light conditions and the fleet soon spreadout looking for wind and currents. For those that made it that far, Sail Rock proved very hard to get round, Grunty Chicken, Miss Pataua and Catenza being the only ones that did. The SE wind dropped to nothing, making way for the predicted N wind. Grunty Chicken made the most of the new wind and finished not long before race cut off time. All other yachts headed home under motor.

Overall, a lovely day and despite most not finishing, it was a day hard not to enjoy!

50 Mile Race

What a magical day and reasonable finish time this time. Race pictures have been uploaded by Tramper and Quantum Leap to Whangarei Cruising Club Facebook page. Please like and share the page.

Was great to have a 'perfect' day weather wise, but variable enough to make nothing certain!

8 yachts entered the race, positions changed and all finished.

Order of finishing were, 1st Kiwi, then Grunty Chicken, Delinquent, Quantum Leap, Nice One, Swamp Dog, Tramper and In'sha'allah. At this time, I don't have the handicap results but they will be posted soon.

My lesson of the race, always cover when gaining a good position...

Their are some good pics on Facebook of the race and please add some if you have them or email them to me and I'll post them. Karl. 



Check out the Whangarei Cruising Club Facebook Page.


Calibre Sails Winter and Spring Series Prizegiving

The date could be changed (so look back here for confirmation) but at this time the prizegiving and BBQ will be held on the afternoon of the WCC open day, the 8th of Nov. It may be combined with the Parua Bay prize giving.

More later.


Fair winds.